Window Facts

Homeowners often fail to realize the importance of quality windows. Windows can add to the beauty of your home, however, they can also add significantly to its value and more importantly, your seasonal heating and cooling bills. Below is a list of key facts regarding windows, screens, and LoE3 technology.

  • LoE3 technology reduces 95% of the Sun's damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Quality glass and screen signigicantly reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Quality windows will help protect carpets and furniture from fading
  • Your windows can help reduce outside noise significantly
  • Quality windows improve your homes value and appearance
  • Some windows and window treatments may qualify you for tax credits

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LoE3 Technology

Low-e has become a new standard in window technology. We can help you learn more about this revolutionary break-through technology and show you how you can benefit, especially here in the Valley of the Sun!