Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long does the average installation take?
A) While the number of doors and windows on an average house vary, we can typically complete a home in 2-3 days.

Q) Why is LoE3 so popular?
LoE technolgy is popular due to the lack of special screens or films that can impare your vision through the glass, thus allowing the beauty of the outdoors to be viewed naturally

Q) How do I select my new windows?
We will sit down with you and review your needs first and then allow you to browse our assortment of catalogs from a variety of vendors and manufacturers. We are confidant you'll find the right windows for your home.

Q) Do you provide a warranty on the windows you install?
While almost all windows come with a manufacturers warranty, the installation is also guaranteed. This includes coverage against leaks, operation of the window and damage caused by an incorrectly installed window.

If you have additional questions, please call us today at 602.705.6054.


LoE3 Technology

Low-e has become a new standard in window technology. We can help you learn more about this revolutionary break-through technology and show you how you can benefit, especially here in the Valley of the Sun!